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Heshan advertising umbrella manufacturer: formation steps of advertising umbrella

2022-07-21 926

1. Big cut: big cut is to cut the bundle of umbrella cloth materials into the suitable width of the umbrella to be manufactured by machine.

2. Small cutSmall cutting is to cut the long umbrella cloth with fixed width into an equilateral triangle, which is the umbrella cloth that can be sewn directly.

3. Flat carAfter the umbrella is folded, the umbrella belt used to fix it and the umbrella cover used to hold it are all finished by this step.

4. LaminationLiterally, it means that the umbrella cloth piece is combined into an umbrella surface, and the umbrella belt and so on should also be sewn.

5. Sewing umbrellaFix the umbrella surface and umbrella ribs together.

6. Quality inspectionAfter making a product, of course, we should check whether there are quality problems and whether it needs to be repaired. Our factory actually has two stages of inspection. First, after the film is assembled, check whether the umbrella surface leaks light, whether it leaks water, and whether the car line is crooked, etc. Second, after the product is finished, check whether the umbrella has quality problems, and then stack the umbrella neatly.

7. PackagingBefore delivery, packaging is very important, which determines the reliability of goods in transit and prevents goods from being damaged.