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Heshan advertising umbrella manufacturer: there is an umbrella with silver glue on its surface

2022-07-21 917

Among the umbrellas sold on the market, there is a kind of umbrella with silver glue on the surface, which is used to oppose ultraviolet rays. Although the protective effect of the silver glue surface is good, it is easy to turn black after being exposed to the sun. In fact, whether the silver glue coating is on the inside or outside of the umbrella surface, it has no effect on the sun resistance effect of the umbrella. Choosing the silver glue inside is not easy to fall. However, if it is durable to prevent rain, because it is affected by the acidic and alkaline substances in the rain water, it is likely to cause the coating aging, which will affect the sun fastness quality of the sunshade.

If the umbrella is made of UV resistant coating on the cover of polyester and nylon materials, it is also rainproof. So, how should we choose a good and cheap sunshade. Bulihui, the interest of Shijiazhuang fiber monitoring and testing institute, said that on rainy days, many people will use sunshades to protect themselves from rain and emergencies, but in this way, they often lose the sun fastness of sunshades. Therefore, don't use a sunshade as an umbrella. Especially in the hot sun, many Mies will put on a sunshade when going out. Therefore, unless it is used for emergency, the same ordinary conditions are still to prepare two umbrellas, one of which is sun resistant and the other is rain proof. Moreover, when it rains on New Year's Eve, the poor quality sunshade is very easy to cause the sunscreen coating to be damaged because the disposal of the sunscreen coating is nothing more than off. It is advocated that when carrying an umbrella, it is OK to open the umbrella and look at the shadow in the air. The umbrella with darker shadow color has better sun fastness.

When summer comes, umbrellas become a necessity for many Mies.

But when it rains, many people often use sunshades as umbrellas. Can this practice be scientific. After entering the "three volt" days, the high temperature and sunshine make the city residents who travel unbearable. As the climate gets hotter and hotter, we also pay more and more attention to the sun resistance.