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Heshan advertising umbrella manufacturer: the test method of customized Zhongjing umbrella

2022-07-21 933

Advertising umbrella manufacturers talk to us about the test method of eyeball umbrella

1. Switching function: rotate the umbrella handle three times (the umbrella cannot be opened if the self-opening button is not pressed), and then open and close the umbrella five times.

2. Active opening force: Max force value should not be greater than 30N,min small force should not be less than 3N.

3. Fastness to combination of umbrella handle and umbrella pole and umbrella cap and umbrella pole: fix the umbrella pole, hang weight on the umbrella handle or use force measuring instrument, and apply 150N tension along the axis of the umbrella pole. The pull of the cap is 70N.

4. Trouble-free successively switch number: hand open straight bone umbrella switch 600 times, active straight bone umbrella switch 400 times, take the initiative to shrink after folding umbrella switch 300 times, should not rivet fall off, clip, clip shift, string wire plate cracking, lax, umbrella plate defect, spring failure, broken umbrella, away from the seam and seam eye line, shift, coating falls off phenomenon.

5. Rain test: in the rain device test, the umbrella rod does not drip water, umbrella surface should not drip water and significant fog phenomenon (generally stipulated that the bottom of the umbrella hat to the nozzle height H is 700MM - 900MM, and the umbrella surface to 5R/min rotation around the umbrella rod, the amount of water should reach (3.6+5)L/min, and make the surface are in the rain range, The situation of the faces was observed within 2 minutes.)

6. There are other tests for different umbrellas, such as salt water test, color fastness test, wind resistance of umbrella bones and so on